Laguna 20" Disc Sander 3HP 3 Phase

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The brand new 20” Disc Sander from Laguna 

features an electronic dynamically balanced steel disc surrounded by a flip-away aluminum guard to allow easy access when changing paper. 

The foot-brake has a built-in kill switch, the table moves smoothly up and down assisted by a gas strut to expose more or less surface area of the disc.Cast table tilts both directions to match various angles. Miter gauge is included. The 20" Disc Sander is available in both 1 phase and 3 phase and ships with an 80 grit abrasive installed.



  • Volt: 220/440 3 Phase
  • Motor: 3HP Cast Iron Frame, 1720 RPM Direct Drive
  • Forward/Reverse
  • Magnetic Start Switch, 6 ft. wire no plug
  • Foot-Brake w. Micro Switch
  • Size: 20” Steel Disc Dynamically Balanced
  • Table: 27 X 10 ½”
  • Table Travel: Smooth Rack & Pinion w. Assist
  • Table Height Min:28” exposes 18” of Disc
  • Table Height Max:36” exposes 11” of Disc
  • Table Tilt: 45° Downward
  • Table Tilt: 30° Upward
  • Cast Iron Base: 22” X 23” w holes for bolts
  • 4” Dust-Chute mounted to cast iron wrap-around guard
  • Aluminum Top Guard Flips away for easy Access
  • Miter Gauge
  • Dimensions: 55” X 28” X 29”